Polycarbonate Towel Dispenser. Black


Product size: 374 x 325 x 146 mm

600 Towels

  • Polycarbonate Paper Napkin Towel Dispenser manufactured by Losdi, makes it a compact, robust and with vandal resistant characteristics dispenser.Ideal for toilets with high and intense traffic.

    Towel dispenser of the Star Line, presents an innovative design, polyvalent and in tendency to the interior design and design of products with pure organic forms.

    In addition to its towel dispenser function, it acts as a decorative element, decorating all public bathrooms and renewing the visible face of your business.

    It includes controlled dispensing systems, which avoid the waste of paper and it saves costs .

    It is manufactured in polycarbonate, which make it an impact resistant, translucent towel dispenser, which allows to visualize the consumable and save costs and time in cleaning services.

    It presents easy cleaning due to its curved shapes, without sharp edges.

    Ideal for toilets with high traffic. It has an standard security Losdi key supplied with the product.

    Losdi towel dispensers can be found in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, canteens, kitchens, service stations, petrol stations, clinics, offices, etc

    Capacity: 600 Towels

    Width of towels: 250 mm

    Dosage: manual.

    It has an standard security Losdi key supplied with the product.

    Made in Spain

  • Brand: Losdi

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