Centerfeed Paper Dispenser. Black 100% recycled plastic


Product size: 220 x 310 x 220 mm
Ø Roll of paper:

Ø exterior 210 mm


Width of paper roll:

210-220 mm


  • Design, quality and functionality. These are the three main characteristics of the centerfeed paper dispenser of the new ECO-LUXE line.The centerfeed paper dispenser is one of the most widely used hand washing and drying devices, for example in professional kitchens, medical clinics, dental clinics and physiotherapy. The extraction of the paper is different from that of the paper towel dispenser due to the use of roll towels and not Z or V -folded towels. This centerfeed paper dispenser has a capacity for paper rolls up to 210 mm in diameter, allowing prolonged use without the need of replacement.Its design follows the same line as the rest of the ECO-LUXE range, interspersed with smooth surfaces and ondulating areas to produce a high quality product with a unique and distinguished design with a pleasant touch.

    Equipped with plastic lock and key, to facilitate paper replacement and to protect its interior.

    The new ECO-LUXE line emenates from the desire to contribute to the improvement of hygiene in public spaces by providing quality, functionality and design at competitive prices. It has been designed to achieve optimum performance, based on LOSDI’s extensive experience as a consolidated brand in the field of professional and industrial hygiene in more than 45 countries.

    In addition, its differentiated and striking design gives a glimpse of the high quality standards of LOSDI, allowing a simple and user-friendly dosage.


  • Made in Spain
  • Brand: Losdi

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